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Service Description

To fully roadmap a lifestyle plan for the client, we can map the body for mineral balance and the presence of toxic metals. We screen this accurately using an advanced hair strand test, conducted and analyzed by a scientific laboratory With this data, we can architect routines to the needs of the individual to optimize diet, sleep and exercise, with additional topics able to tackle stress and money management AVAZA offers one-one-one coaching services to individuals directly and through workplace wellness programs and wellness programs for associations, universities, non-profits, and more. The Wellbeing Coaches mission is very specific—to enable people to be their best selves by guiding them through the development and implementation of a personalized wellbeing program with the help of a professional, certified coach. Wellbeing Coaching form the part of AVAZA model where healthy body meets healthy mind. Wellbeing Coaches work one-on-one with the clients. These highly-credentialed coaches work in partnership with clients to dive deep and develop the tools to achieve happiness throughout their lives. As the concept of Wellbeing Coaches began to take shape AVAZA formed a partnership with ResetYourself - a company that provides laboratory based hair test analysis with scan of mineral, stress level. A partnership between AVAZA and ResetYourself allows a coach to work with individual customer based on their unique body content and help design strategy comfortable for their lifestyle. Every partnership begins with a lifestyle assessment, looking into the levels of minerals and toxic metals present in the body. We then conduct a hair strand test, the sample to be referred to a working scientific lab for analysis. With the results of this data and those of the lifestyle profile, we then roadmap a program to encourage the client to a condition of optimal health. If complimentary to the client’s needs, we can partner them with personal trainers, nutritionists and coaches Service can be booked as individual sessions or be taken as a package with Hair Test kit specially designed for AVAZA. We advice 3-5 sessions to work holistically and design tailor made approach. We advice to have one week interval between sessions to reflect.

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+971 (04) 8920701

IFZA DDP Building A2, United Arab Emirates IFZA DDP Building A2, OasisIndustrial Area - Dubai - United Arab Emirates

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