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"Being a performer, I am used to being on stage, representing my art the best way I can. It is crucial for me to look the way I feel inside. Avaza's dresses combine the beauty and confidence into one and make me feel powerful. I feel privileged that Avaza's gowns accompany me in my most important performances. There is a sense of effortlessness combined with luxury as if talent combined with hard work elevating the beauty to the next level".

Sophiko Simpsive -Piano (New York)

"Coaching program has helped me to reflect myself and to face the times of doubt and of high challenges as Financial manager. It ensured to open my vision to the "other side" and to have an objective, patient and comprehensive assessment of each difficult situation that came up. Thanks to coaching sessions, I grew as a manager and as an individual person. The process of transformation  was very wise, smart and enlightening."

Pecharanay TAN -Finance Professional (Berlin)

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