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We Care about Our Planet & People

Our production team is based  out of  concept atelier in Europe where an entire process from the idea generation to delivery is incubated in a fair and sustainable environment.  We ensure that everyone engaged in creating AVAZA is fairly compensated and serves the purpose of serving people in this amazing journey of True Self style reshape

Our team tries hard to source sustainable raw materials and have minimum waste. Our creative team is  working with waste materials  creating beautiful items which we usually give back to the local community, avoiding additional pollution .

AVAZA supports slow fashion. Our products are personalized and hand made from european high quality materials. Due to its personal design and  durability, people love keeping them long term. With this effort we avoid adding more waste to our beautiful planet. 

We are constantly engaging with external parties to support in green and blue initiatives.  AVAZA thrives on Diversity and Inclusion by democratizing personalized product and services . We deliver experience that last...

Let's make Impact Together . We would love to hear from you

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