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Service Description

Avaza’s ethos bridges personal goals, emotional intelligence and healthy lifestyle routines to create a style that is tailored to the individual and true to the innermost self. Our approach to style coaching is a combination of personal styling advice, image consultancy tips and life coaching motivational techniques rolled into one. By approaching the coaching process from the appearance perspective women, and men, may benefit from gaining a better personal understanding of self and their goals and desires. In the process a coach focuses on helping clients achieve a personalized self reflective look on the outside, and confidence to match on the inside. This coaching professional may work with corporate clients who require a sharp, smart edge for business or individuals wishing to make distinct changes in the way they look and live their life. Styling coaching provides a form of personal empowerment that helps individuals understand the attitudes that previously held them back, how to become more confident and the steps required to put all new knowledge together as a finished package. A personal style coach can help clients identify limiting beliefs and transform the way in which certain aspects of thinking have influenced behavior and restrictive patterns of thought and belief. From this perspective an action plan can be created that encourages the client to explore themselves in a creative and inspiring way. In the coaching process we incorporate cultural element from origin-upbringing to global mindset. This is exteremely useful for expats or individuals/companies thriving in a multi -cultural environment. The end result reflects in authentic style creation and in hand made tailored products if desired from our Tailor Made Services. Service can be booked as individual sessions or be taken as a package. We advice 3-5 sessions to work holistically and design tailor made approach. We advice to have one week interval between sessions to reflect. We don’t prescribe style. Instead, we let the essence of an individual inform the image they project. Drawing upon a series of precise profiling sessions with the client, we create original designs by hand, sourced sustainably from across Europe, using the finest, unique materials from all around the globe, delivered to the door of the customer. Our designer works with client to create a personalized style to rebuild wardrobe with tailor made exclusive items made in Europe by hand.

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