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Maison AVAZA is a brand that bravely posits fashion and health, incorporating our most immediate means of communicating identity into our holistic approach to wellbeing.

Fashion’s ability to aid self-reflection forms the heart of AVAZA, crafting original items in response to a client’s unique emotional profile, offered in combination with a menu of therapeutic services. Our mission is to promote personal wellness through look and feel, each expression complementary to the other.

The handcrafted items that compose our ready to wear collection are created from the finest fabrics, sourced responsibly from across Europe. Our consciousness leads us to create with a mind to the social and environmental impact of production, with each piece made by hand in our  atelier in Georgia.

Maison Avaza’s unique methodology yields authentic personal brands, truly tailored to the individual at a most instinctive level. Avaza taps into personal taste through the touch points of balanced mental wellbeing, health and lifestyle.

We help women celebrate the SELF through our holistic approach to identity reflection, handcrafting one-of-a-kind pieces in the exclusive spirit of couture to capture the unique beauty of a person. Using the finest materials sourced sustainably from across Europe, each bespoke piece tells the story of the wearer, anchored by her radiant elegance and magnetic confidence.

Underscoring all of this is a responsibility to do good and share the blessings of success.


Rooted in Georgia, the Maison takes its name Avaza  from the old Georgian language, meaning Panther. In the spirit of the legendary epic poem Knight in the Panther Skin, the animal endures in our imagination as a symbol of elegance, empowerment and friendship. The poem was written in the 12th century, and according to legend, was dedicated to Queen Tamar, who played a pivotal role in uniting the country. So significant were the diplomatic achievements that marked her governance, Tamar was named a King, the country’s first female ruler. 

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